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Marketing of Disney World Class Part 1

This week in my Honors Colloquium we discussed the idea of Show at Disney. Overall Disney tends to be greatly concerned with the notion of keeping people safe which should always be a top concern of any establishment. Obviously, the overall point of Google would more completely be to provide entertainment to people. However, we were challenged to figure out what our Show is in the world. My Show would have to revolve around the idea of making a significant impact in the world. Currently, I am pursuing a career in Software Development, and I think that this can have a large impact simply because I will be able to work on Software that can affect people’s lives.


Overall this was a great topic to discuss about Disney. When you begin to look at Disney as a whole, you notice they will always consider Safety as their top priority. This is important because they want guests to continue coming back. Continuing to work through this class has continued to show how Disney puts their guests as the top priority and while they may be strict with their employees, it is because they hold everyone and everything to a high standard.


Featured Image: Disney CC BY 2.0 Ivan

Class Professor: Prof. Tyra Burton