Application Spotlight: AndCo

What is AndCo?

AndCo has truly become something that I use almost daily. They brand themselves as a service that handles a Freelancers back office. They provide everything from Time-Tracking, to Expense Tracking, to Invoicing. Typically whenever I have a contract with a client I am able to forward the email with it attached to my Co (Chief Operator) and they are able to key in all the specifics into a project for me. From there I get notifications of when I need to invoice a client and then I approve the invoice and it sends.

What makes them special?

This is a quite large part of AndCo. There are certainly other services out there that do very close to the same thing. However, having a person that you can message about this stuff just makes it so much more enjoyable. I have used many in the past and I always got annoyed at the software, or it just became super difficult to use. With AndCo I am able to have it all tracked in one spot.

I recently got an email from a Co-Founder, Leif Abraham, informing me of a new set of plans they had and how they differed from the plan I had currently. He then said that if I had any requests or features that I wanted to see to just email him and gave his direct email. I emailed him telling him a few things that I really wanted to see included in AndCo. Honestly, I thought I would receive an email back thanking me for some suggestions and would never hear them again unless something got implemented, but I not only got an email written for me he wanted to get on a Google Hangout and discuss what I had mentioned in more detail.

What are the pros of AndCo?

The pros of AndCo certainly include the Chief Operator and the general simplicity that exists when you are using the software. A lot of Accounting software gets very difficult to understand or just generally difficult to use. Other than that it is just the first piece of Accounting software that I have actually genuinely enjoyed using on a daily basis.

What are the cons of AndCo?

Unfortunately, I do also have to talk about the problems. The biggest problem I have with it is with calculating tax. Quickbooks does provide a very specific calculation of tax. AndCo does have a Quarterly Tax Calculation Bot the issue is that this does not always account the ever-changing income I have.


Overall you have to remember that they are a start up. They are a start-up that has come a long way and they are continually improving. For my needs they are able to meet and exceed what I need out of an Accounting Software. While I do have a gripe about Taxes I know that they are continually working to improve it. No program is perfect, and while I would normally say, “Just pick the one that gives the least amount of angst.” With AndCo I never feel like I have to pick the one with the least angst. I am able to just say, “I want to use AndCo because very simply they are the best Freelance Accounting Software I have used.”


Be sure to sign up for the service and if someone asks about how you found out about them be sure to mention Nicolas Kammerdiener: Click Here