Expedition Everest

Marketing of Disney World Part 2

What is the atmosphere that exists at Disney World?

Atmosphere is a big component for Disney World. Take a second and think about the Atmosphere that exists around you while you are at Disney World. Think about some of the different rides.

For example: Expedition Everest is one of my favorite rides at Disney World. While waiting in line there are things to look at and you feel like you are getting ready to go on a climbing Expedition. There are Rucksacks and Climbing Equipment. Then when you get into the car there is a locomotive looking car at the back. As you go up the ride you go through some temples that have very detailed inscriptions on them. Then as you go through the ride it is actually cold while you are up there like it would be if it was real snow. Overall on this ride Disney tries to make it feel like you are riding through Mt. Everest.

Why would Atmosphere be important?

Atmosphere is such a huge part of Disney in general. They put so much attention to detail throughout the entire park. If you watch the Cast Members are always dressed appropriately for the part of the park that they are working in. You never see crossover when walking in the park.

In Magic Kingdom as you are walking through the different areas you notice that it suddenly changes. The smell, the look, the Cast Members. You are suddenly in a completely different world and all you did is continue to walk through the different areas. Whenever you go to a show the benches even have an attention to detail making sure that everything is exactly as it should be so that you are truly in that area of the park.


Overall we can tell that Disney is a company that put a lot of effort into every single detail that exists within their park. They want to make sure that when you come into the park you have the best possible time you can have.


Featured Image: Expedition Everest CC BY 2.0 Jennifer Lynn

Class Professor: Prof. Tyra Burton