Favorite Quote: Steve Wozniak

Favorite Quote: Steve Wozniak

“Never trust a Computer you can’t throw out the window. ”

-Steve Wozniak

 Why is this a Favorite Quote?

This is a Favorite Quote of mine simply because it is funny but still very true. We as a society continue to move towards more and more Cloud based applications. We are very quickly moving away from the idea that we have to have a computer in front of us in order to be able to work properly. In many of my Computer Science classes I have gotten quite frustrated with coding. I have gotten to the point of asking myself why I wanted to continue in this program. I have wanted to throw my computer out the window because it makes absolutely no sense why my code is not compiling.

When did you find the Quote?

I found this quote when I was in High School. It was something that I always kept in the back of my head while going through college. It was always something I thought of and was sure to consider when deciding on how to continue with setting up servers. Based on this quote I should have wanted to run a miniature data center out of my basement, however, my parents would probably not appreciate this as much as some of my Developer Friends. I did tend to use Cloud Computing for most of the things that I did. I have used AWS and Paperspace. Both of these are Cloud Computing and unfortunately I am unable to throw these computers, but times have changed.

So why use Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is ideal because it allows me to focus on what I am good at and allows other people to focus on what they are good at. The bigger benefit other than someone else hosting it actually comes from the new virtualization techniques that have been developed. Being able to take snapshots of a computer and revert if needed has truly been a lifesaver many times. Both personally and while I have been working with various IT Clients. Snapshots help when installing a new program and I am unsure of how it will react. If I take a snapshot then I am able to revert and be able to continue working.


The overall thing about this quote is by no means does it still necessarily apply today. Many large companies still host their own data centers so they own the full hardware that exists within their data center. However, as we continue to move to a more and more I want it now type of society we will continue to have to make adjustments based on newer technologies that come out.