Habitica Character Level 8

Application Spotlight: Habitica

What is Habitica?

Habitica very simply put is a Gamified To-Do and Habit app. It provides a very simple way of tracking to-do items while also adding the fun part of gamification. Overall the gamification portion of it is a very retro idea. It has the older more 8-bit like game feel for your character. Personally, this is something I really enjoy since I do still go back and play those games. Habitica allows me to feel a little childish at points while still being super productive by getting my various to-dos complete.


This has probably become my favorite portion of Habitica. With this I am able to put in things that I am wanting to get better at doing. Currently this involves drinking more water and eating less junk food:


In this case everytime I have a bottle of water I am able to click the plus and gain some experience which allows me to level up. Once I eat junk food I hit the minus and this causes me to lose health. If enough health is lost then it will cause me to die and I will move down a level.


These are things that have become very helpful to me. In this I am able to set things to repeat that I do on a regular basis. These are things like Exercise and write Blog Posts. These repeat each day and these must be completed by the end of the day. If I don’t complete these then they will begin to remove some of my health until I might eventually die and lose a level.


This section is fairly self-explanatory in that it is a list of things To-Do. This is more special though because it is not things that you might do on a regular basis. They have added the ability to set due dates and it will turn red when it is due but these will not hurt you. Currently, this is where I think the app falls short. You have to order the events by hand (there is a script that will do this but it requires python). It would also be nice to only show To-Dos that are happening in the next week and have a way to queue a massive amount of To-Dos for them to be shown later.


This is probably the most gamified part of it. In this section you can buy gear for your character with the coins you earn or you can redeem them for a reward for yourself. You can create the rewards for yourself and assign the cost of them.


I enjoy this To-Do app much more than other To-Do apps. While the To-Do portion is slightly unrefined the rest of the app works very well. It is an excellent way to have the gamified idea with a full feature list. I enjoy the Kanban board design as it helps to make everything organized in lists. You can drag and drop within the lists which helps with reordering the lists. It is certainly something that everyone should consider as it is a very simple way to add some gamification to your life: Click Here