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Marketing of Disney World Part 3

How the Disney World Parks help to draw people in.

When you walk into the Magic Kingdom what is the first thing you see? The Castle is what immediately catches your eye and everything seems to be leading to it making you want to run towards it at full speed. This is the case in all of the Disney World Parks each with their own way of drawing people in.

Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom has the large castle that you see right as you walk in. Seeing this reminds you exactly where you are. From there everything in the park is built around it. The purpose of this castle is to be the focal point of the park and be a center point.

Animal Kingdom

In Animal Kingdom you have the large tree right in the center of the park. It is extremely appropriate for a park designed around animals and is something that you always remember everytime you see it.

Hollywood Studios

This park has had some contention in the past few years. The Mickey Hat was removed which was the primary focal point. It has now become the Chinese Theatre. Arguably The Chinese Theatre is a more appropriate focal point since the park is meant to be similar to a filming studio. The Mickey Magician hat was certainly more interesting since it was more related to Mickey.


This park is different in how its layout is. The immediate focal point would be determined as the the Spaceship Earth ride right as you walk in. While this is correct it is different from the other parks in that it is not the center. It is the center of the more theme park portion of the park, but it is not the center for the countries portion in the back. This portion of the park is separated by the water and has its own area.

Epcot is not really a park that is geared towards kids as much since there aren’t as many rides. However, for someone like me I enjoy walking through and seeing all the different countries. My two personal favorites are Germany and Norway, pre-Frozen Norway. Germany is excellent since there is a Biergarten and has some excellent Bratwurst and one of the best shows. They even will offer you spetzeĀ (sp?) which is a mixture of Fanta Orange and Coca-Cola.


Overall the parks at Disney World attempt to have a center that they always bring your attention back to. It is meant to be the center of the park and something that you remember even as you leave. Most of the parks have this center and then everything is built around it, but there are exceptions to this commonality.


Class Professor: Prof. Tyra Burton