Roatan from Little French Key

Vacation Destination: Roatan, Honduras

Why go to Roatan?

Roatan is an amazing island to visit. It is a quite small island so being able to see a majority of it is very easy. While it is small there is so much to do on the island. There are opportunities to go Scuba Diving, go to a Monkey Park, or even spend a day on the beach.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Roatan is very fun. There aren’t many dive companies throughout the island. When I went diving we were able to go down to about 70 feet and we got to see some eels. The water is fairly warm down in Roatan so I was able to dive comfortably without a wetsuit although they do have some for rental. Depending on the time of year will greatly affect what you will be able to see throughout the water.

It was very pleasant to dive in Roatan simply because it was somewhere different from where I have dove many times. I highly recommend it.

Little French Key

Little French Key is something that I could go on about for quite a while. This is a great place just to go relax on the beach. You are able to get lunch included with the purchase of admission and a couple of free drinks. At Little French Key they have paddleboards, a Rope Swing, and even some animals.

Little French Key Paddleboard

This is truly a very relaxing place to spend some time on the island. All of the people who work there are very knowledgeable and are very kind. The entire island is kept very clean and is a very relaxing atmosphere. Click Here to find out more about Little French Key.


Overall Roatan is an amazing place to go visit. I highly recommend visiting it with a Cruise Line as then you get to go to a few different places. Also be sure to ask the locals why there are pieces of rebar sticking out from the top of their houses.