Remote Working

Working Remote: The Beginning

Why am I Remote?

Recently I left my IT Job to pursue a job at a startup based out of Atlanta. One of the big things was that I would be a fully remote worker for the company. Something that honestly excited me. Being in college this would allow me to work from the college or sit at home, and even allowed me to work more in the evenings. So while there are many benefits there are also some downsides to this.

The Pros

One of the biggest pros to working Remote is being able to sleep a little later. Before I had to get up early to get ready and then drive to my job. Being able to work remote has allowed me to have more time for myself and even though it has only been a little while I already feel happier. I am generally more relaxed.

You can do whatever you want to your office. One of the biggest things I recommend is making a dedicated place for you to do work. This allows you the ability to get up and leave work when you need to. Whenever you do work all over your house you can begin to feel like work is all you do. I was able to clean up a nice little desk for myself and set up my monitors and have a comfortable little place that I can call my own. I also don’t have any neighboring coworkers who want to show me pictures of kids, animals, or anything else.

Times that you work. One of the biggest things I have learned about myself is that I work best in the evenings. Since this job is very sedentary, being in Development, I am able to do most of my work in the evening when I can focus more. Overall this is a win for everyone. A win for me because I don’t feel as stressed that I have to do work, and a win for the company because I am typically able to do more work in less time in the evenings.

The Cons

One of the biggest cons of working remote to me is the fact that I don’t seem to socialize as much. In an office you have people to talk to face to face and working remote most of my talking is done through Slack or email. Even then it is focused on work and not really just a, “How was your weekend?”

Working remote with your family at home. I am the oldest of three and having two brothers and my parents at home (Dad also works remote and Mom is a Professor) can sometimes be challenging. My youngest always wants to play video games and my second brother always wants to go Mountain Biking. While I enjoy both of these it is sometimes difficult to help them understand that I am technically at work and setting boundaries is not always the easiest. It is also not always the best when you are in a video call and someone from your family comes busting into the room.


Working remote currently, and will probably remain, at a love/hate relationship for me. Right now it is odd with the feel of switching jobs. Trying to get used to have everything works now is always an interesting feeling. I’ll be sure to post more updates as I find more pros and cons of working remote.