Productivity Tip: Meeting Invites

Why a Meeting Invite?

So whenever I am working with a client and they want to meet I always ask that they send me a Meeting Invite/Meeting Request through their calendar. There are a few reasons I do this. Selfishly I don’t have to put it on my calendar and it is already there. I just have to accept it. For them so that, hopefully, they do not forget about our meeting and waste my time. Personally, I do not like meetings as they always tend to be very long and tedious. I realize that at the beginning of a project or at certain points they can become a necessity.

What are the benefits?

So the biggest benefit to me is that I know for a fact it is on their calendar. Also if they for some reason move it or cancel I get an email. This helps me to stay on top of things and potentially email them if they cancel it so as to enquire why it was cancelled. It also helps me to keep my schedule clean and up to date. I don’t tend to send meeting confirmation emails with clients a few days before. This depends on the client but typically I am busy enough that the thought to do this is sometimes difficult. I have been looking at ways to automate this, but I have not found a solution I absolutely enjoy.

Are there problems with it?

This is a given. I deal with many clients who think the only way to have a calendar is a little book they carry around with them all the time. The idea of having their entire calendar on their phone freaks them out. There is no absolutely perfect solution and ultimately no way to save a whole bunch of time as something will always come up. This is something that ever so often has come in handy. Plus when a client gets a bill for a missed meeting, something I highly recommend doing, I am able to show documentation that they were the one who created the event.


This is just a way that I have found that helps to sometimes save me some time when working through many things. It has failed many times and I am sure that it will fail many more. Looking for little ways that don’t cost me anything, but can help to keep me productive is something I strive for. Even if it is as simple as a Meeting Invite.