Working Remotely

Working Remotely: An Update

Why am I Remote?

I got a new job at Traxion recently that started out allowing me the opportunity of working remotely. At first I was extremely excited as I would be able to adapt every day to how I could be the most productive me. I have learned that typically getting me out of bed super early in the morning is not the greatest way to get me to start working on things. Working remotely was something started out like a dream. It was something that I was excited about and couldn’t wait to keep doing.

What happened?

First off, no I did not lose it because I wasn’t doing work. There were a few factors at work. Honestly, the biggest realizing that trying to work from home with my entire family there, I’m a college student I still live with my parents, was not something that was going to be an easy task. Secondly, I realized that I missed being around people and working around them. I was for a while looking at purchasing a hot seat at a local shared workspace. The ultimate kicker is that we were able to get a space at a nearby Business Accelerator, Ignite HQ. The first day I was slightly weary, but once I got there and started working I realized that I would want it no other way.

Will you work from home ever?

I won’t throw this possibility out completely as there are many factors to it. The biggest thing is that I still enjoy having a completely separate place to go to work at. I enjoy being able to go somewhere that isn’t home and work. It allows me a better ability to separate my personal and work life. So honestly if I ever do start working remotely chances are good that I will be looking into a local Co-Working space.


Photo: View from the “Library Desk”  CC BY 2.0 Joey DeVilla