Why am I Blogging?

So at the very beginning of starting a Blog I asked myself why is it that I am going to start Blogging? Is it so that I can make money? Is it so that I can express opinions about things? So that I can get business? So here is the reason I finally came up with. Working in SEO, Search Engine Optimization, one of the simplest things you can do is start a blog and start tweeting about posts. This will not take your blog from no views to a million overnight, but using proper hashtags can help to raise awareness of it. Since I am one of those with the opinion of “practice what you preach” I decided it was time to start a blog on my personal website advertising the services I offer.

But what about Money?

So everyone wants to make money off their blog. The issue is that you have to determine what your blog is meant to do. If you are wanting a revenue generating blog then yes a few ads can help to bring in money. I am trying to have a professional site where the blog draws you in so you can then consider me for many of the other services I offer. It also serves as a living resume of the work I do. While LinkedIn helps this directly shows people what I am capable of.

What about opinions?

If you go back through all of my posts so far you will not see any politically slanted posts or anything that talks of something that might be considered offensive. The point of this is that I intend for this to be a very professional blog. Talking about things that are highly controversial is something that I do not consider professional.

Are there other reasons?

Of course there are many reasons. I also honestly just wanted to start writing on a daily basis. Writing a blog of 300 – 500 words helps to give me a small 15 – 20 minute break during the day. Typically I put writing somewhere whenever I am super stressed. It gets me out of what I am annoyed with and gives me an outlet to focus on something else. I am able to write about different topics that are not related to what I am doing.

Would I recommend anyone to start a blog?

This would be a whole-hearted yes. Honestly, you do not have to be the modern day Shakespeare just pick what your blog will be and stick to it. Don’t be afraid to have a short post, or to do series. Just take some time and make a blog. You won’t know if you enjoy it until you start.


Featured Photo: Blogging?  CC BY 2.0 Anonymous Account