Development: Why would anyone want to do this?

Why do I enjoy Development?

I believe that the best place to start for this post is why I enjoy Development. If you ever work with me you will find out that I don’t like doing jobs where I sit around and do nothing. I also don’t enjoy a job where I do something that could be replaced with a small shell script. The jobs I enjoy are the ones where you have to be able to think and problem solve. Development provides this because you are always writing algorithms to solve various problems while also trying to write efficient code.

The other reason I enjoy Development is simply because people who want to be viable in the industry can’t stop studying. You will always be doing work while in this job. There are always new technologies coming out that you have to adapt to. People enjoy using phones that have new operating systems that will only run applications written in a very specific language. There is absolutely no stopping when working.

Who would I recommend for this job?

So as with any job just because I enjoy it does not mean that it is necessarily for everyone. I would tell anyone who loves working with computers and enjoys getting into the nitty gritty of something to get it working. The biggest thing is that Development can be interesting and totally different depending on what type of company you work for.

A startup may want you to just get things working so that they can launch the app and tell you that you can refactor later. A larger software corporation may want you writing efficient code the entire time. The biggest thing tends to be the culture fit that comes with working in Development. I think that it is a two-way street. Just because the company thinks you’ll be a great fit doesn’t have to mean you agree and sign on. Ask questions during your interview.


Featured Photo: code crunching CC BY-ND 2.0 Ruben Molina