College: Why should someone go

Why talk about College?

So I am currently in college at Kennesaw State University working on my Undergraduate in Applied Computer Science with a Minor in Information Security and Assurance. College is something that many people attempt to avoid. Well I am here to tell you something that is extremely important: “College is not for everyone.” I know this is the exact opposite of where America is heading and people are pushing you towards every University.

There are a few friends from High School that I have talked to multiple times, and they went to a Trade School of some type and learned what they really wanted to do and got out there and started. Now for them they are doing great and are extremely happy with what they decided to do.

So what about me?

Personally, College was something that I always wanted to do. I really wanted to go since I was a very young child. Arguably my field (Software Engineering) does not necessitate a degree and often it is preferred someone with practical experience. I wanted to go anyways, because I wanted a degree. Not to wave in someone’s face and not to make me better than anyone, but simply because I wanted it.

Overall, going to College has been an excellent decision. By being there I was able to easily land the current Internship that I am in. This was achieved by the people that I knew from being there. I was also able to meet many people who I enjoy spending time with.

So why write this article?

I wanted to write this article with this point in mind: “To say that college is not the end-all be-all of getting a job”. Often times having practical experience is more helpful. While I say this it should not be something that is feared. If you go then make sure you are going because you want to (or because your profession requires it). Don’t go just because your parents want you to, or your friends are going and you feel like you need to. Go to College because YOU want to.


Featured Photo: College CC BY-SA 2.0 Jacob Roeland