Start-Up | Traxion

My First Few Weeks at a Start-Up

What Start-Up am I at?

Recently I got a job as a Software Engineering Intern at Traxion. Traxion is developing an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System). EOS is a system to help you run your business. The Traxion app helps you fully implement EOS within your business.

What has it been like?

Being part of a start-up has been amazing so far. It has only been for three weeks at this point, but it has been a blast. Being part of a small dev group as opposed to a large one has been amazing in helping me become a better developer. I have worked in both front-end and back-end with the MEAN stack and I am becoming very comfortable switching between them.

It has been difficult getting used to a new code base very quickly. Some issues I have spent some time simply finding exactly where I needed to edit the code. It has been interesting though working through code and debugging by stepping backwards through the code as it goes between the front-end and back-end.

What parts have truly made it enjoyable?

I have enjoyed working in a smaller development team rather than a large one. Being able to work in a smaller group has really allowed me to work on more parts of the application rather than getting stuck working on a single small part.

Being able to work directly under and with some amazing developers. I have been able to work one-on-one with them and really go through the code. We have been able to talk out parts of the code. This allows us to really make it as good as it can possibly be.

Being able to get to know more of the people in the company. Working at large companies causes the issue of not truly knowing everyone that works there. Being part of a smaller team has allowed me to get to know people while working with them and has been extremely enjoyable since it is less like I am just another person that works at the company.


For me I was super weary of working at a start-up prior to working here. I used to think that I would only ever work at a large established business. Working at a start-up has been an extremely enjoyable experience and is something that I am disappointed I was so scared of beforehand. Working at a start-up even for the short amount of time I have so far has been a great experience.