Freelancing for Non-Profits

Freelancing for Non-Profits


Freelancing is something that for some people is great, but for others may not be a great idea. I have used it as an opportunity to bring high-end Website Development, Videography, and IT Consultation to people who could not afford them. These are all things that can end up costing a company a lot of money, but I have been able to do it for non-profits at a much lower rate.

But couldn’t you make more?

I could certainly charge more for the services that I provide, but I have always enjoyed volunteering. Unfortunately volunteering full time really doesn’t help to pay any bills. Freelancing has given me the opportunity to do the things that I enjoy for many people at a much lower cost. They are able to get expertly done work for a price they can afford.

Why wouldn’t you want more money?

Yes, arguably everyone wants to make more money, and yes I would greatly enjoy to. The thing is that the way I look at it I am able to provide a service to these people for a cost they can afford. This allows me to increase my experience and even gives me some great references. Much of my work comes from people referring me out to their friends, and this helps greatly. While I may do something simple for one client I am able to impress them by making it as easy as possible for them, and that is what they focus on when talking about me. For many people just hearing that I am easy to work with and turn things around very quickly is enough for them to give me a phone call.


Yes, I enjoy doing work for non-profit companies. Yes, I charge them a lower rate. No, I do not have plans to increase my rates for them. Working at non-profits, especially for causes I am for, is something that is very rewarding and being able to provide low cost services overjoys me.


Featured Photo: Church… CC BY-ND 2.0 Mike M