Yosemite: In Spring

Why Yosemite in Spring?

Spring is an amazing time in Yosemite. At that point the snow is gone. While in the morning it is typically a little chilly by mid morning it is plenty warm. During this time seems to be the most lively that you will ever see the park. There are more people out and about and everything is running.

All of the major sights throughout Yosemite are able to be easily seen. Half Dome is in full view and is absolutely stunning.


Half-Dome is an amazing site to see. It has been one that I have wanted to climb but have never had the opportunity to.

If you do climb it be sure to go all the way to the top. Crawl to the edge right before the major drop off and look over. Supposedly it is an absolutely amazing experience. Something that really just can’t be described. Plus if you go early enough in the morning chances are there is still snow at the top of it.

Overall visiting Yosemite during the spring is something that just can’t be fully described. Being in all the fresh air and seeing some animals as they run around. It is truly something that everyone has to experience for themselves. It is just an amazing place to visit and is absolutely beautiful.